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We are a full service residential real estate brokerage servicing Winnipeg and the surrounding area. We help people buy and sell real estate successfully.

Our History

DCF Real Estate Inc was established in December 2017. David Fouad, the founder, broker, and owner operator, formed DCF Enterprises Inc in June 2012. David has been a licensed REALTOR®/salesperson since 2010 and has been in the real estate industry for since 2003. DCF Enterprises Inc is the conglomerate company of DCF Real Estate Inc. DCF Enterprises was formed by David Fouad to run his backend of his business operations as a REALTOR®. David has been influenced by the real estate insurance since the age of seven when his mother Laura Fouad, a long time highly respected Winnipeg REALTOR® who started her career in 1987. To this day she is operating her real estate practice and she is licensed with DCF Real Estate Inc.

Mission Statement:

DCF Real Estate Real Estate provides full residential real estate services in Winnipeg and surrounding area. We pursue to provide quality honest advice for people looking to buy, sell, and manage real estate. We are a made up of people who are the exceptional in their work. We strive to be at the top of Winnipeg real estate industry for results, longevity, and solid practical advice to our clients. We do things differently, we are technically advanced, market response experts, and proactive with all of our client dealings.


Gratitude, self-awareness, and empathy are at our core. Real estate is our lane. It’s what we do day in and day out. Our people put our clients first in all that we do. We practice practicality and are operate under the highest level of honesty and truth. We listen to our clients, we intimately follow the real estate market, and we are patient. Our guiding principle is, we do the right things and we do things right.


Integrity, professionalism, empathy, gratefulness, self-awareness, and respect.


To provide exception service and advice to people needing to buy, sell, and manage residential real estate.


To be Manitoba’s leading residential real estate services provider.